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Pine Island

Pine Island shopsPINE ISLAND

Pine Island is seventeen miles long and very different. It is about a thirty minute drive from Fort Myers. Pine Island has a small town, secluded atmosphere that seems a world apart from the rest of the metropolitan area. The island is surrounded by mangroves and a large portion of the land is zoned agricultural. There are no traffic lights anywhere on the island. It has escaped the gated golf communities and skyscraper developments that many other parts of the county have experienced.

This is a year round home for about 10,000 people with another 6,000 coming just for the winter months. Pine Island is tucked into Lee County’s northwest corner and is celebrated by tropical fruit lovers, commercial and recreational fishermen, artists, bird watchers and tourists.

Pine Island consists of five communities:Matlacha(pronounced Mat-luh-shay), Pine Island Center, Bokeelia, Pineland and St. James City.

Matlacha is different. It’s main street looks like a constant party. This is a small town occupied by individualists. It shows in the architecture and colors. There are houses, bars, art galleries, a post office, restaurants, marinas, gift shops, bait shops and motels. There are large houses next to trailers, brightly painted homes next to bars. The water is a constant. Most businesses and homes back up to the water.
Pine Island sign

When you cross the main bridge leading to Matlacha you will see many people fishing for their dinner. All of Pine island is a fishing mecca. Not only are the local waters great for dangling a line over a bridge, but the close surrounding waters have some of the best fishing in the country.

Real Estate in Matlacha is ever changing. Many customers who love to fish buy canal homes with boat docks in the back yard. You can buy smaller homes, inland homes, condos and trailers. We enjoy the town, restaurants and people of this unique place. We know it well and perform real estate services there quite often.

Pine Island Center is Pine Island’s “downtown.” There are offices, shopping centers, restaurants, stores, banks, travel agencies, pharmacies and attorneys. There are two parks and a new public library.

St. James City is Pine Island’s most populated section. This is a boater’s paradise. You will see a mix of mobile homes, expensive piling homes, small cottages and a few condos. Almost everything is right on the water. The waters are deep and it is easy to get to the Gulf. There are good restaurants, a large nature trail and a great mixture of different types of people.

Bokeelia, once a haven for pirates, now has some wonderful homes and condominiums. On clear days you can see the waters of Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande Pass – some of the best fishing areas in the country. This is the kind of place where you buy fresh fish or shrimp directly from one of the commercial fishermen. You can rent a boat or a kayak and explore the local waters, or you can hire a boat captain to take you to the outer islands for shelling, fishing or swimming.

Pineland is a little off the beaten path, but worth the drive. It is the historical home of the Calusa Indians and some of Pine Island’s first settlers. You can visit the Calusa Heritage Trail and take a tour at the Center which is run by the University of Florida. Pineland has marinas, restaurants and good hotels. This part of the island is filled with wildlife and great views of Pine Island Sound and the barrier islands.

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All of Pine Island is unique and home to characters, artists, fishermen, musicians, seasonal residents and merchants. It’s a great place to live. Lighthouse Realty of the Islands is ready to show you any listings in all parts of Pine Island.